Cardiovascular disease screening – Explained

Cardiovascular disease specialists in Maine are recommending that their patients exercise more frequently in order to prevent heart disease and related illnesses.

Regular exercise, which can be an extremely pleasant and relaxing pastime in Maine considering the peaceful and beautiful outdoor environment in the area, can help prevent cardiovascular illness by reducing blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as by helping people lose weight. High blood pressure and excess cholesterol combined with obesity are the main factors which cause cardiac disease.

The types of exercise which are recommended by heart specialists specifically for their patients in Maine include walking, jogging, cross country skiing and bicycling. A year-round combination of these moderately strenuous types of exercise not only preserves the health of the heart and circulatory system, but it also increases energy especially during the dark winter months. In addition, Hallowell pulmonary critical care specialists have found that regular exercise strengthens the lungs and makes breathing easier, especially as people age. The clean Maine mountain air is especially beneficial to both the heart and lungs, and enjoying a brisk walk or bicycle trip in the spring and summer, along with cross-country skiing expeditions in the winter, allows people to get the most out of the clean air and pleasant environment of the state. Check out here cardiovascular disease screening

Patients who have begun exercise programs with the recommendation and guidance of cardiovascular disease specialists in Maine have found that they begin to see results within two to three months of starting a regular regimen of exercise. When this is combined with better attention to healthy eating, the beneficial effects are intensified.

Nevertheless, exercise and diet alone may not be enough to lower or eliminate all of the risk factors involved in cardiovascular illness. Regular testing for blood pressure and a thorough blood cholesterol test which determines the exact proportion of each type of cholesterol as well as the level of overall cholesterol and related lipids is necessary in order to maintain cardiac health and prevent disease. Cardiovascular disease specialists in Maine recommend annual blood pressure and cholesterol screening for healthy people, although those with a history of high blood pressure or elevated cholesterol levels may need more frequent testing.